HOG, short for Hunter of Gunmen, is a name earned by a certified US Marine Scout Sniper and HOG's are force multipliers. The TOPS Knives HOG 4.5 is a design from GySgt Dave (Norseman) Williams that was years in the making. It features a number of important details that make it an impressive field knife. Starting with the most obvious, there's an over-sized lanyard hole that was created to fit a standard issue carabiner, which allows the user to attach to gear instead of putting the knife on the ground while preparing game or anything else. The hole has since been shown to be useful in many unforeseen activities like adding leverage, breaking bones, and as a handle extension. The HOG handle is contoured in a way to minimize hot spots and ensure proper grip. Additionally, the blade tip lines up with the center of the handle to optimize awareness while otherwise cutting blind. You'll find the HOG is neither unwieldy, nor petite. It is an excellent all-around knife for the field and comes with a ballistic nylon sheath.

Tops Knives HOG-Hunter of Gunmen