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The EQUALIZER Fixed Blade with custom IWB Sheath is the flagship model designed for Concealed Everyday Carry/EDC, and the EQUALIZER Fighter for those environments that call for a clear superior advantage in a knife. EQUALIZER Automatic and Manual Folders for additional discreet carry and capabilities will be available soon.

Custom Designed by Tim Waid of PTK-SMF and Randy White, #54 Dallas Cowboys NFL Hall of Fame and Custom Knife Maker trained by the legendary G.W. Stone. The “Strong Point” design allows a fast and secure index and draw and equally effective employment and use with both Reverse and Forward Grips. This maximizes the Advantages of each grip with the proper Tactics: Reverse Grip for Close-Quarters targeting and Forward Grip extended reach when engaging any other weapon.

Superior Design Features:

Spear Point Blade with Top-Swedge grind

Top Thumb Ramp and Lower Extended Guard for Forward and Reverse Grip indexing and drawing

Large-cut Jimping on all Forward and Reverse Grip Contact Points for controlled and precision use.

Steel: 154CM

RC: 58-60

Handle: G10 OD Layered

Semi-Custom Hand-Ground in TEXAS USA by TXKM


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