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The goal was simple. Create the highest-quality and most modular handheld light ever produced. Since Cloud Defensive carry these tools daily just as you do, that means they knew exactly what needed to be done: In order to appeal to the greatest number of people, the system needed to be adjustable at both the light head and the tail cap. And with that knowledge, The Mission Configurable Handheld was quickly born. Their customers spoke, and we listened. The MCH comes in a smaller package than most of its direct competitors. And it's fully modular to fit your needs.

  • 40,000 Candela
  • 1400 Lumens
  • 120 minutes Runtime
  • 4000-5000K light temperature
  • Head Diameter: 1.20"
  • 18650 Light Length: 5.175"
  • Aluminum

  • Anodized Finish

  • Flat Dark Earth

  • Includes Charger and Pocket Clip

Cloud Defensive MCH Mission Configurable